Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Keewatin Tribal Council exists to ensure and achieve self-sufficiency, self determination and empowerment of the member First Nation communities it serves.


Subject to the Act and to any other statute, statutes or laws from time to time applicable to the Corporation, the Corporation shall exercise all of the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person, but only as incidental, ancillary or conducive to the objects of the Corporation as follows:

  • to foster the inherent right of self-government of the Member Bands within the territorial jurisdiction of such Band through the development of human, natural, and other resources;
  • to develop and deliver such programs and services as may be requisite by the Member Band’s economic self-determination and to support the continuation of each Member Band’s own way of life with enhanced pride and purpose;
  • to act as a resource for the Member Bands to enable such Bands to better deal with governmental departments and agencies and with private sector entities in all aspects of the Band’s endeavours and interests, including, without limiting the generality thereof, in the area of:
    • self-determination;
    • capital projects;
    • development programs; and
    • service programs;
  • to obtain and disseminate information of value and advise on matters of concern to the Member Bands;
  • to identify and seek financial resources and to develop and implement programs for the delivery of social, educational and economic services to the Member Bands;
  • to develop and implement long term strategic plans to better attain the objects of the Corporation.