Finance and Administration

KTC Finance and Administration develops and maintains the Tribal Council’s sound financial and internal control structure in alignment with KTC’s by-laws and strategic plan. We emphasize a service-oriented, team approach to providing financial information, systems, and policies that meet government regulatory responsibilities, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), address the operational needs of the organization’s departments, and serve the needs of our clients, employees, and funders.

KTC Finance and Administration provides timely and accurate financial information to key stakeholders while protecting assets.

Ensuring compliance with federal and provincial laws and regulations.

KTC Finance and Administration manages accounting and financial reporting, payroll and benefits administration, information technology, student finance, ASETS reporting and KTC office building.

KTC Finance and Administration must support all KTC departments to ensure the activities proposed and resources requested reflect sound business judgment and support the overall goals and vision of the Tribal Council. The Finance and Administration staff works closely with all areas of the Tribal Council to carry out its core mission.

Funds are managed so that sufficient financial resources are available to provide KTC First Nations with programs and services that, at a minimum, meet provincial standards, while at the same time maintaining a financially responsible and stable position.