BF & BHC Programs

The overall purpose of the Brighter Futures program is to improve the quality of, and access to, culturally appropriate, holistic and community‐directed mental health, child development, and injury prevention services at the community level to help create healthy family and community environments in which community members and children can thrive.


  • Increase the awareness in mental health, child development, healthy babies and parenting skills.
  • Build on the knowledge and skills of front line health workers and community members in the areas of mental health, child development, healthy babies parenting skills and injury prevention.
  • Provide opportunities to improve health services and develop community‐based model projects.
  • Address the serious health problems affecting children and families in a community based, holistic and integrated manner.
  • Support optimal health and social development of infants, toddlers and pre‐school age children.
  • Improve the health of children by facilitating the prevention of and early intervention on health problems and by promoting better integration of health services.
  • Assist parents and professionals with information on the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively contribute to the improved health and development of children.
  • Support community development and provide opportunity for communities to find their own solutions to the health and development needs of children, youth, family and community.
  • Ensure integrated and coordinated care for children and families by coordinating human service sectors (health, social services, justice, education, employment, etc.).