NNADAP Program

The NNADAP community‐based program provides prevention, intervention and aftercare and follow‐up services in 500 First Nations and Inuit communities. Prevention strategies conducted by the program provide culturally appropriate programs to educate and create awareness about addictions and addictions‐ free lifestyles. As a result individuals, families, and communities learn and recognize high risk behaviours that can often lead to addictions.

Intervention strategies provide assessments and referrals to treatment centres and the preparation of clients for entry into residential treatment, or other rehabilitation treatment programs. Strategies also include the provision of short‐term counselling in crisis situations and out‐patient counselling services. After care and follow‐up services also provide support to clients returning home to their community from a treatment centre. These services ensure that clients maintain a connection to treatment centres and receive ongoing client care.


  • Support First Nations communities to reduce the incidence of alcohol and other substance abuse.
  • Build capacity to develop and deliver culturally appropriate community‐based addictions programs and services.
  • Increase awareness and understanding concerning alcohol, substance abuse and alternative healthier lifestyles, for example traditional values, and individual and family wellness values.
  • Strengthen relationships between community‐based programs and services and residential treatment.
  • Provide support to individuals and families post‐treatment.